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Raw clips

Here the list of the raw clips we have. Any suggestion for video you want subbed? Post them here :)

[DVD from the first album]

- Part 01 -
Wo you wo de YOUNG backstage
- 10:55
**in progress**

- Part 02 -
Zhi dui ni you gan jue backstage
- 5:54

- Part 03 -
Xia Xie backstage
- 8:18

- Part 04 -
Meeting with fans/concerts
- 6:48
- Part 05 -
What they think about each other
- 13:00
**in progress**

- Part 06 -
What they think about Fahrenheit
- 8:08
- Finale -
Speaking about Fahrenheit
- 10:30

[TV Shows]

- Red storm 2006/10/06 -
Host is a transexual, various games, personnality tests
- 45:12 [.rm format]

Two hosts, a bunch of noisy girls, Fhr designing member who is the worst dancer/most narcissist/etc and the loser of the game has to eat something awful
- 44:14 [.rm format]
**in progress**

Games they play during chinese new year
- 24:27 [.rm format]
- Hanakimi special -
the cast of Kanakimi vs the cast of Summerxsummer + Arron and Calvin
- 2:00:24 [.rmvb format]
- Wo jia ye you da ming xing (2006-09-19) -
Jiro and Calvin past
- 45:27 [.rm format]
- Wo jia ye you da ming xing (2006-09-20) -
Chun and Arron past
- 45:33 [.rm format]
Fahrenheit play basketball
- 45:48 [.rm format]
**in progress**

- Happy Kuai Le -
Arron playing flute, Frh with food
- 43:32 [.wmv format]
- Kang Xi Lai Le (2007-8-02) -
X-Family cast (Jiro, Arron, Calvin + Danson) promoting the drama
- 43:19
(more to come)

[Various clips]

- Kiss cd release - the famous kiss - 03:46

If you have these clips, please contact us!

[TV show]

- Peach Protein with Fahrenheit
- Makiyo's Star Kitchen - Arron, Calvin, Wu zun and Jiro version
- 070312-三立-飛輪海完全不好笑幕後花絮-1 - behind the scenes, wu zun playing teacher
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I have the raw video from Happy Kuai Le that Fahrenheit was on recently (June 07). I can upload if for you guys if you want (it's in wmv format).
yes, i would like it. Thank you!
Here you go, can download it here. =)
Although you might want to credit Only Fahrenheit Forums instead of me since that's where I got it from. =)
Thank you ^^
I will credit both of you =)
hi :D i wanted to ask if you could sub the uploaded videos in crunchyroll? like their concerts for example ^_^ english translations of their music vids would be great too :P

thanks so much for this community ^_^ yay. i can finally understand their tv guestings \:D/

We need the clip to sub them and we can't dL from crunchyrolls.
About the MV, I think you can find english sub on youtube. Type "fahrenheit english" in the search engine.

Deleted comment

Thanks for the kissing clips and the translations :)

About your link, I don't know how to download from there, I can't read chinese =3

xie xie


August 8 2007, 17:30:20 UTC 9 years ago

thanks so much for subbing flh vids <33 =)

can't wait to watch what you have done and uncover what flh has been saying on these variety shows !


August 9 2007, 05:21:56 UTC 9 years ago

I agree with the last person who posted! Its so difficult to understand what they're saying sometimes with all the background noise, cheering, etc. You guys are doing us a great favor! :)
Hiyo! I was wondering if you guys will take up the project to X Family? ^_^ It'll be awesome if you guys could do it! ^_^
actually, I found out DoReMii subs are doing it already. ^.^ I guess there's no point on having two groups working on the same project when eahc can do more different Fahrenheit stuffies! ^.^ hehe
thanks you so much for thinking of chinese illiterate fans..any chance of subbing the newest Chun - Calvin in Da Xiao Ai Chi asos program...
I wonder if you guys have had this raw clips of the TV shows named 花样热情贺新年 Hua Yang Re Qing He Xin Nian, which had the cast of Hanakimi vs the cast of Summerxsummer. If not, I can provide for you the link to download them!

Btw, you guys are doing an awesome job! Thanks so much.
we have it, thanks for your support :)


November 7 2007, 17:58:21 UTC 9 years ago

SUBLimes has released a subbed version of this so you can save yourselves the trouble and not worry about it :)!
Btw i just found this japanese video about wu zhun from this particular website


Its about Wu Zhun driving his Subaru car & introducing about his hometown Brunei which include about his Fitness zone gym as well as his previous school he went when he was little.

He talked in chinese so i cudnt understnd what he was trying to say =(

Hope u guys can translate this.

I bet there's a lot of wu zhun's fans out there who are keen to know about wu zhun's country =D

Heeehe =D

Thnks guys



April 19 2008, 15:38:44 UTC 8 years ago

Can you Sub these fahrenheit videos please;
It's got fahrenheit on a TV show and rainie yang is a host.


May 1 2008, 10:59:21 UTC 8 years ago

Do you do Music videos too? If you do, can you please put an english and pinyin subtitle to the music video "Xin Li You Shu" of Fahrenheit?pretty pleaaaaaaaasssssse...:]]
cool~ hope you would continue to sub all of them